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FOLIANT Castor 530SF

The FOLIANT Castor 530 SF is a high speed compact industrial laminating machine, constructed for a heavy duty, with a suction feeder and a high speed bump separator, with a walk-in service section and an optional pallet feeder, a pallet stacker and a film loader. The machine maximum speed is up to 50 m/min., while the maximum performance is 4100 sheets per hour of B2 portrait (white paper 200 gsm). The machine requires an external compressor /6-8 bar, 150 l / min) as a source of the pressured air for its pneumatic systems.

Maximum speed 50 m / min
Feeding Automatic
Feeding system Suction Feeding Head
Feeder's load capacity 55 cm
Overlaps control Automatic, PLC Control
Overlaps accuracy + / - 2 mm
Separation Automatic, Bump Rollers
Paper weight 115 - 600 g/m2
Main roller pressure Pneumatic
External compressor 200 l / min, 6 - 8 bar
Min. sheets size (w x l) 30 x 20 cm
Max. sheets size (w x l) 53 x 75 cm
Max. performance 4100 B2 / h
Temperature control 80 - 140°C
Warming up time 10 min
Power supply 3 ph., 400 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Power 9000 W
Floor space (w x l) 135 x 370 cm
Weight 850 kg
Film Loader (electric) Optional
Jogger 530
Pallet Stacker
Pallet Stacker Capacity
65 cm
Pallet Feeder
Pallet Feeder's Capacity 65 cm
Film Micro Adjustment Air Shaft Standard